I use Affinity Photo every day, I wasn’t willing to pay every month for Photoshop, not because I didn’t like it but because I don’t like paying for software yet still not actually owning it.

So I was scouring the internet and found Affinity Photo, I was sceptical at first about Affinity screenshots and functions and how well they actually run.

It’s not that I didn’t believe them, I just had doubts, If it could match Photoshops abilities and functionality, but after looking at the site and the reviews on the App Store [This is also available for Windows!] I just thought I had to give it a try!

Now I’m glad I did! Affinity is easily on Par with Photoshop, if not better, Itss one of paying of £48.99 and can do all the photo manipulation and editing Photoshop can, it can even open AI and PSD files, so your not limiting yourself, it opens them with 100% accuracy [well from all the ones I have tried].

I’m going to mention some of the best features that I like, and why I plan on sticking with Affinity! [Using MacOS version but also available on Windows].

RAW Editing

the best photoshop alternative - affinity photo - Screen-Shot-2017-11-30-at-17 - The Best Photoshop Alternative – Affinity Photo

Editing RAW photos on Affinity is easy, you are presented with all the same options that you would expect in a high-end editing software such as; Exposure, Enhance, White Balance, Shadows, Highlights and Profile.

you aren’t limited because you are paying £100’s or a monthly subscription, you get what photoshop offers, just for a fraction of the price.

Live Lighting Effect

I love this feature, Lighting Effect, It allows you to add a different perspective to your images, or help you illuminate an area, to emulate a light.

You can add up to 10 in one simulation and just re-apply after changing the settings.

the best photoshop alternative - affinity photo - Affinity-Lighting - The Best Photoshop Alternative – Affinity Photo

Full Of Choices

the best photoshop alternative - affinity photo - Affinity-Options - The Best Photoshop Alternative – Affinity Photo

You’re not limited by options, you have everything you need, the only thing you need to do is get creative!

I’m not that creative, but the fact is this app doesn’t limit you just because you paid left £50, its a one of payment and that is that!

Pro Functions

Another reason I love this software so much is that it has built-in goodies, such as HDR Merge, Focus Stacking, Panorama & Batch jobs.

This means no separate software for Focus Stacking, for instance, it works amazingly from the poor photos I had taken, I haven’t used the HDR Merge or Panorama yet but all of the software works with great accuracy!

the best photoshop alternative - affinity photo - Affinity-File-Function - The Best Photoshop Alternative – Affinity Photo

The Verdict

I’ve used GIMP & Paint.NET, at the time they were great, both free and open-source, both with extensions, but the UI and features were missing, after time looking around and downloading different trials this is without a doubt the best software money can buy!

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo the best photoshop alternative - affinity photo - affinity-photo@2x-311020170911-desk - The Best Photoshop Alternative – Affinity Photo

Focus Merge

9.5 /10

Adobe Photoshop File Support

9.5 /10

Adobe Illustrator File Support

9.5 /10


10.0 /10


  • Works Flawlessly
  • Integrated with MacOS
  • Save As SVG
  • Save As PSD
  • Auto-Recover From Crash


  • Offers Plugins, But Very Limited


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